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Our Prestigious Clients

SpinTech partnered with industry giants and proposed numerous IT products, streamlining operations and warmly welcoming modern IT solutions.


Committed to Comprehensive IT Solutions and Customer Satisfaction

Spintach, a subsidiary of Silicon Networks, stands as a leading global provider of IT hardware and solutions. Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of products and services tailored to meet the varied needs of our clientele, ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations. Our service portfolio spans infrastructure design and deployment, datacenter solutions, networking, VOIP, security, and comprehensive IT support.

Spintach has quickly established itself as a trusted partner for businesses of all types. Our commitment is to provide exceptional IT solutions and services, anchored by our unwavering dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Over 111 specialized hardware experts and a catalog featuring more than 2.2 million IT hardware products.


We maintain an in-stock hardware inventory exceeding $8 million, covering over 180 IT categories and featuring products from more than 2,000 brands.


We have processed over 2 million orders and served more than 2,000 customers to date.


Dedicated to Enhanced IT Solutions, Advanced Technologies, and Consistent Customer Satisfaction


Spintach is renowned as the premier global provider of IT hardware and solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products synonymous with reliability and quality. Serving as a hub for IT support, Spintach caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from small startups to multinational corporations.

Under the umbrella of Spintach, leading IT manufacturers have converged to drive innovation and technological advancements within the IT industry. The dedicated team of IT experts at Spintach is committed to delivering tailored IT solutions, including infrastructure design, networking, VoIP, operational data centers, infrastructure deployment, and IT support, to each of our valued customers.

Founded in 2024  by a group of hardware experts and IT innovators, Spintach has quickly emerged as the largest center for IT solutions and services in the USA. Today, we stand at the forefront of our industry, fueled by unwavering commitments to our clients and unparalleled quality standards.

  • Leveraging the knowledge of more than 121 specialized hardware professionals and a catalog boasting over 1.2 million IT hardware products.
  • Maintaining an inventory valued at over $4 million, encompassing 140+ IT segments and featuring products from over 1,000 exclusive brands.
  •  Processing over 1.5 million orders and serving over 1,300 satisfied clients, setting the benchmark for quality and efficiency.


Our parent company, Silicon Networks, is a trusted partner with leading IT manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Seagate, Microsoft, Oracle, Fortinet, and Lenovo. This strategic partnership enables us to offer our customers the latest and most advanced IT products and solutions at competitive prices.


Spintach has forged partnerships with global IT leaders and manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fortinet, Oracle, Seagate, and other vendors. These collaborations have empowered us to fulfill our clients' needs with cutting-edge technology solutions and dependable IT products, all within a market-friendly price range.

Value-Added Services:

  • Immediate delivery from our in-stock inventory, featuring new, refurbished, and End-of-Life (EOL) parts.
  • State-of-the-art test labs ensuring cutting-edge quality assurance.
  • Dedicated account managers offering personalized support.
  • Over 10 certified engineers specializing in server, networking, VOIP, and security solutions.
  • Utilization of our proprietary Silicon Networks Testing Environment (STE) Software.
  • Global presence with strategically positioned offices and warehousing facilities in the US, UK, Germany, China, and UAE.
  • Exclusive discounts available for preferred clients.
  • Flexible credit terms tailored to your specific requirements.

Additional Value Services

  • Tailored support provided by dedicated account managers.
  • A team of over 13 certified engineers skilled in networking, server management, security solutions, and VoIP.
  • Ready-to-ship inventory comprising new, refurbished, and End-of-Life (EOL) parts, available for immediate delivery.
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities ensuring advanced quality assurance.
  • Global reach with strategically located offices and warehouses in the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, UAE, and China.
  • Premium client benefits, including exclusive discount offerings.
  • Flexible credit options designed to align with your specific needs.