Spintach – FAQs


1. What is the usual dispatch time for in-stock item on Spintach?

  • In-stock products are typically dispatched within 1-4 business day, however, this is only possible when orders are placed prior 2:00 p.m. PST. 

2.    When can I expect my order to be delivered by the end of the working day if I opt for express delivery? 

  • Yes, we offer express delivery for prompt shipping. Only if orders are placed before 2:00 p.m. PST. Also, with express delivery items can be delivered by the end of the business day. 

3.    What happens if the product I want to order is ‘out-of-stock’ or labeled as ‘call for price’? 

  • ‘Out-of-stock’ or ‘call for price’ products may not be available and are usually arranged and dispatched within 3 to 8 working days. 

4.    Can it happen to have package with multiple products shipped at different time? 

  • Yes, orders with different delivery day and time schedule can be processed via split shipping options. Note: extra shipping charges may apply. 

5.    Can Spintach support centralized order deliveries for multiple offices? 

  • Yes, we do provide centralized orders for multiple offices, however, vital security verifications and shipping charges are applicable. 

6.    Are given prices inclusive of sales taxes? 

  • No, our quoted prices don’t include relevant sales taxes. Therefore, additional taxes, if applicable, will be charged. 

7.    Can the quoted prices of ordered products change after placing an order? 

  • Yes, the pricing of the ordered items may change due to instant market fluctuation. Spintach, withholds the right to adjust prices, with former notifications to the customers before delivery. 

8.    What will happen if the ordered product is not available? 

  • If an order item isn’t available, a functionally equivalent item may be dispatched. However, if you want a precise product specification, kindly consult our team regarding its availability. 

9.    Can Spintach limit order quantity or cancel order? 

  • Yes, Spintach reserves the authority to limit order quantity or cancel order in specific occurrences. For instance, product unavailability or delay in order confirmation. 

10.    How frequently are product details errors corrected on website? 

  • Changes in the pricing or stock availability are corrected during regular website updates, which occurs within the time span of 1 to 30 days. 

11.    What should I do if I have queries about order pricing, acceptance, or even availability? 

  • In case of any inquiry, feel free to reach out us at (832) 803-0521.


1.    What does the term ‘Certified Refurbished’ refer to at Spintach?

  • The term ‘Certified Refurbished’ signifies that the product has undergone a rigorous inspection and testing process to meet specific quality standards of Spintach. These products do come with a 90-day replacement policy, along with a 30-day warranty for refunds. 

2.    Are all the offered products at Spintach ‘Certified Refurbished’? 

  • No, not all products at Spintach are Certified Refurbished. Spintach provides a range of new and refurbished products. Kindly, check the product listing for particular condition of each product. 

3.    Can I expect the same warranty coverage for new and refurbished products? 

  • Warranty coverage may differ between new and refurbished products. Newly listed products may come along with manufacturer warranties, on the other hand, refurbished products usually have 90-days replacement policy. Kindly, refer to the products details for particular warranty information. 

4.    What factors should I consider while purchasing a ‘Certified Refurbished’ products? 

  • When purchasing a ‘Certified Refurbished’ product, bring in account that the product have undergone thorough testing and inspection to make sure functionality and quality. Review the return policies and warranty details particular to refurbished items.  

5.    Are there any cosmetic inadequacies in ‘Certified Refurbished’ items? 

  • ‘Certified Refurbished’ products may consist of minor cosmetic flaws, as they have to undergo thorough testing to make sure proper functionality. These imperfections don’t affect the product’s functionality. 

6.    How can I identify the condition of a product on the Spintach website? 

  • The product listing on Spintach site will have condition specified on each item. Kindly, search for labels such as ‘Certified Refurbished’ or ‘New’ in the product description. 

Warranty and Return 

1.    What warranty does Spintach offer for refurbished products? 

  • All certified refurbished products listed on Spintach come with 90-days replacement policy. However, if a refund is preferred, kindly, note that the warranty coverage is limited to 30 days from the order receiving date. 

2.    What is the warranty duration for the products/services provided by Spintach? 

  • Spintach provides no guarantees on the duration of its services. Clients should acknowledge that services might not necessarily align with their requirements, be secure, prompt, continuous, or free from errors. 

3.    Is there any responsibility highlighted in the warranty terms? 

  • Yes, users are solely responsible for any material acquired or downloaded thru the use of Spintach services. Customers are obligated to bear the entire responsibility for any data loss or damage to their computer system resulting from such activities. 

4.    What restrictions of liability shall customers be aware of? 

  • By no means, shall Spintach be held responsible for any indirect, direct, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, whether resulting from the misuse, use, or inability to use any purchased product from Spintach. 

5.    As a reseller and distributor, does Spintach manufacture the products it sells? 

  • No, Spintach solely serves as a reseller and distributor and the manufacturer. The provided warranties are in accordance with the terms mentioned in the document. 

6.    Do the products sold by Spintach come with manufacturer warranty? 

  • Yes, few of our provided products come with 1+ year warranty, covering replacement, returns, and support. For any further details about warranty claims or support, users are advised to contact the manufacturer, following their terms and conditions. 

7.    Are there any particular exclusions mentioned in the warranty terms? 

  • Yes, Spintach disclaims all responsibilities for personal injuries or property damages potentially resulting from the use of products/services purchased. Exclusions include, but are not limited to, missing flash or memory cards, customer-induced damages, or software-related issues, and much more. 

8.    How shall a customer report damages that occurred during transmit?

  • Damages occurred during transited are required to be submitted within the 2 days of delivery, along with pictures for the documentation. Valid claim requests will be processed upon receipt of the returned component(s), and customers are required to maintain the warranty card and copy of the invoice for all the warranty claims. 

9.    Can I return a product if I no longer need it or had change of mind?

  • Yes, you can return your product within 30 days from the purchase date and claim a full refund or exchange, however, if is only applicable when the product is in unused condition along with all labels and tags. 

10.    How long will it take to receive a refund after returning a product? 

  • After receiving and thoroughly inspecting the item, Spintach will process the exchange or return. Kindly, allow us at least 10 days from the receipt of your order to process your exchange or return. 

11.    How can a customer initiate a return? 

  • In order to return an item, kindly reach out to our customer support at support@spintach.com to get a RMA (Return Merchant Authorization) number. After receiving the RMA number, safely package the ordered item with the proof of purchase and mail it to the given address. 

12.    Who is responsible for the return shipping fees?

  • Customer will be solely responsible for all the return shipping charges. it is suggested to use traceable method for returns. 

13.     Are there any exception to Spintach’s return policy? 

  • For any damaged or defective product, clients can get in touch with Spintach to arrange a refund or exchange. However, the customer will have to bear 25% restocking fees for all returns and additional conditions may apply, ultimately, leading to 50% restocking fees. 

14.    What conditions may result in 50% restocking charges? 

  • The following condition may lead to 50% restocking fees:
    •    Missing or replaced components. 
    •    Damaged or tampered packaging. 
    •    Post-warranty RMA. 

15.    What factors might lead to denial in replacement? 

  • Physical damages, tampering with the product, or mismatch with RMA form may result in denial of replacement. 

16.    Are there any limitations on international returns?

  • No, there aren’t any limitations on international returns. However, customers will have to bear all return shipping charges. Also, the same return policy apply, along with 30 days postmark period.


1.    How can I track my order from Spintach? 

  • You can easily track your package by using the given order tracking number. If you experience any issues with the tracking number, wait a few days for all your items to arrive. However, if you don’t receive your items, kindly reach out to shipping department for further assistance. 

2.    What shall I do if my order tracking number is not working? 

  • If your tracking number is not working, there are chances that one of your package has been separated. Kindly, wait few days for all your items to arrive. However, if you don’t receive your items, kindly reach out to shipping department for further assistance.

3.    Can I reschedule my delivery time and date with FedEx or DHL? 

  • Yes, you can. Kindly, refer to the InfoNotice received for options or you can also use carrier’s online platform to reschedule your delivery time and date. 

4.    Does Spintach ship internationally? 

  • Yes, Spintach does ship internationally, however, customers are liable for any extra applicable customs and duties.

5.    What does free standard shipping include?

  • Free standard shipping is usually processed within 1 to 3 business days and is delivered within 4 to 6 business days. Free delivery isn’t accessible for Hawaii or Alaska. Used carriers are FedEx, DHL, and UPS. 

6.    What are the cut-offs and shipping times for different delivery options?

  • Spintach provides offers various shipping options, along with speedy 3-day transit, faster 2-day option, quick arrival, global deliveries, next-day standard, weekend arrivals, military addresses (APO/FPO), Canadian and Puerto Rican orders. Our cut-off times ranges from 2:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST. 

7.    Does Spintach process orders on major holidays or weekends? 

  • No, Spintach does not process orders on major holidays or weekends. Even though, we go above and beyond for same-day shipping, it is not guaranteed. 


1.    What forms of credit card does Spintach accept for payment?

  • Spintach accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover for credit card payments. 

2.    Can I make online payment via bank transfer or wire transfer?

  • Yes, you can swiftly make payments via bank transfers or wire transfer at Spintach. 

3.    Does Spintach provide Net Credit as a payment option? 

  • Yes, Net Credit is accepted as a form of payment at Spintach with certain terms. Kindly, contact our account manager for further details. 

4.    Are there any applicable additional charges for specific payment methods? 

  • Typically, there are not any additional charges associated with the accepted payment methods. Still, it is advisable to check with your financial institution for any potential transactional fees. 

5.    Can I use my debit card to make payments at Spintach?

  • Visa or MasterCard powered debit cards are generally accepted as a form of credit card payment at Spintach.

6.    Are my credit card details secure when making a payment at Spintach? 

  • Yes, Spintach takes required measures to ensure the safety of your credit card details. We utilize industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your payment details. 

7.    What details are needed when making a bank transfer or wire payment transfer? 

  • While making a bank or wire transfer payment, you will generally be required to provide particular account details, along with the recipient’s account number and relevant bank information. Kindly, refer to our customer service for detailed instructions. 

8.    How would I know if my payment was successfully processed? 

  • Once your payment has been successfully processed, you receive a confirmation email. However, if you encounter any trouble please contact our customer service for assistance. 

Order Status

1.    How can I check the status of my order with Spintach?

  • In order to check the status of your order, log into your user account on Spintach website and navigate to the “order history” section, there you can easily view the status of your order. 

2.    What do the various delivery status mean?

  • Order status include the following options;
    •    Processing: this indicates that your order is being processed. 
    •    Shipped: this indicates that your order has been sent out from the warehouse. 
    •    Delivered: this indicates that the order has been successfully received by the recipient.  You can swiftly find more details about delivery status in the order history tab. 

3.    Is it possible to change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

  • No, you cannot change, modify, or cancel your order, after your order has been placed. Kindly ensure that all the placed items and details are accurate. 

4.    Why my order is “Processing” status of my order not changing? 

  • The “Processing” status indicates that your order is being prepared to be shipped. However, if the status remains still a long time, kindly get in touch with our customer service. 

5.    How long does it usually take for the “Processing” status to convert into “Shipping”?

  • The status transition from “Processing” to “Shipping” usually takes 1 to 3 working days. You will receive an update email with order tracking details.

6.    My order status is “Delivered,” but I haven’t received it. What am I supposed to do?

  • If your order status is delivered but you have not received it, kindly, ask your neighbors. However, if the issue stays persistent, get in touch with our customer support for assistance. 

7.    Will I be able to track different packages for the same order differently?

  • Yes, if your order is shipped in multiple packages, you will receive separate tracking number, allowing you to track each package separately by using the given tracking number.